Both Doubt and Solution are inside us

Different Parts of the Mind

The Questioning Part of the Mind

Thoughts are negative or positive as classified by us. Whenever mind raises a doubt about a given situation treat it as a question. How do I do that? For example, a thought may come to you. “Am I capable? Can I do this?” Don’t feel sad about this. Treat this as a question by one part of the mind. One part of the mind wants to know that. So that part of the mind puts a question. Provide an answer it, as if you answer to a person, in front of you.

The Answering Part of the Mind

Mind works by parts. One part of your mind genuinely asks the question, keeping your welfare in mind. Instead of worrying about the questioning part, just answer that question. Then mind will ask stop raising doubts. Answering is done by another part.

We Can Make Our Life Situations Positive

If you raise yourself spiritually, everything will become positive around you. No unwanted thoughts can come in front of Ramana Maharishi – the great sage of Arunachala. Even a thief will keep his habitual self of robbing others quiet. Like that we could also influence the situations around us.

Negative Situations Begs you, “Please heal me!”

If you feel negative vibes around you, the message to you from it is, “please heal me”. If you can heal it, heal. On the contrary if you are afraid of it, then move out of the situation. Try to heal the negative vibes by calling the Sun God, and ask it to clear it. The negative vibes will turn into love and light and bless us in turn.

God is inside us – a gentle reminder to you

When somebody is angry it shows that he needs healing and he is asking for it indirectly. Somebody may ask it directly. Instead of thinking of why they are behaving negatively, ask inside yourself what you can do to them. What are the lessons we can learn from the situation. We can’t change the circumstances and people around, we can only change ourselves. Why we are asked to change? So as to remind us that god is inside us. Then automatically we become the god and we will have the power to heal.

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Was looking for some other issue and landed here. You blog like you is MAGIC because I hadn’t read this earlier. Makes me read what is good for me not what I want. 🙂

  2. Namaskar Sir
    if a negative thought arrives into our mind how to call the Sun God to turn that thought into positive one?

  3. What number should be used for removing obstacles and increasing income

  4. Siddhesh Ghadi

    Dear sir,
    Please help me…. i want to get topper and good percentage in maharashtra HSC board exams and i struggled a lot. And i want to do enggneering with BMS in this year only. But right now the problem is that i am not qualified in engg entrance exam so now what to do.

  5. Please kindly give me angle number in my email address.

  6. please give me angle number and also how to chant to remove obstacles from my love life and we both reunite again , get mariied to each other and life a happy married life together.

  7. My friend S. Is heart by his boyfriend and breakup with him now she love another married man. I want to leave from him and do agree that marriage with unmarried boy so she will be live very happy life. So i want do for her.what to do her any mantras or number suggest me. Any thing I can do for her.

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