Obsession Will Not Make It Happen


If you are obsessed of anything, it may not happen. I want you to change your mind-set and be relaxed.


I am always scared of losing my love. I know I became obsessed and I really try to be relaxed and leave it to divine.

However, I get impatient as I lost my first love like this.  That’s why I think it is going to happen again.


Whenever you get the fear just say within, “Why this fear”?

The mind always has a tendency to think and feel as it did in the past.

The event may be new. The feelings and thoughts are never new. The same feelings and the same thoughts are produced every day.

As long as we think that we are mute spectators of events, we cannot do anything.

You are not your mind. When it produces some feeling or thought, which you don’t like, you have the ability to release it.

When a feeling arises, or when a thought comes out, just say:

  •          Can I release this thought?
  •          Why should I keep this thought?
  •          Is this thought helping me or hindering me?
  •          If it hinders me, can I release it?
  •          If the answer is “yes” say, “I release this thought.”

Say this as many times as possible so that you are out of the fear.

This method will help you come out of fear.

Fear always manifests what you don’t want in life.


You have told me not to be obsessed and to relax. But how can I able to know my limits? Can’t I have right to express my feeling? Can’t I pray or try to regain my lost harmony between us?

I am chanting mantras with full faith on divine. How can I know that there is still a hope? Because we are neither astrologer nor we can talk to divine.

I am going to say my feeling to him tomorrow after chanting OM CHAM NAMAHA OM JAM NAMAHA.


When you are obsessed with worry and fear you are breaking the quantum rules.

Your fear will manifest the one which you don’t want, instead of getting what you want.

Desire something. Quieten your mind, relax and release it to the divine field.

Approaching anything with the calm and relaxed mind has got better chance of getting what we want.

How to remain calm and relaxed?

That is where the surrendering attitude enters. By surrendering the desire to the divine field, you accept what the divine offers. Surrendering makes you think that whatever divine offer is good for me.


About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. How to surrender

  2. Deeps,
    have the desire. Say “i release this desire to the divine filed. I accept whatever the Divine offers”
    Do all the actions necessary for that intention or goal.
    You have the right to desire. you have the right to do. You have no control over the result. It is beyond your domain. Concentrate on that which is fully within your power. In other words, do your duty 100% without worrying expecting or fearing what might happen. If the mind shifts to the outcome, the doing loses its power.Because initially you have decided to accept any outcome, you will not feel sorry or feel elated at the result.
    When the result comes – favourable or unfavourable – just say, “i release all the feelings and thoughts to the divine.”
    That is Samarpanam.
    Best of luck

  3. But sir if i say’i release my desire on divine filed,i accept whatever may b the result’and then do our work means can Chant Sw for my desire……is that not again we expect something?my ques is that is the total cycle works mechanicaly on life?

    • OLi,
      Releasing to the divine field means put the desire at the feet of the Divine so that it becomes his responsibility to complete it. He will always do what is highest good for you.
      chanting is action. do the chanting, without your mind on result.

  4. SIR1
    After reading this particular blog i had a experience i want to share.Today when i went to work no one was talking to me properly and i was desperate to know why? immediately i told myself-irelease this desire and i forgive others and others please forgive me-thanks divine-within 1 hour every one was smiling at me and one person who never used to bother about me was enquiring my health so on .Thanks sir-as always your small but effecctive tips work!!!

  5. hi sir,
    i feel lik tis post is sent by divine to me. I previously had a missed abortion and nw plannin for second. I am very much worried abt my past and felt fear wen i saw ur reply abt seein snake pic and wen my right ankle paind(which is stil painin) .i tried many healing methods includin switch words,flwr remedies but always had fear and worry inside me. But aftr readin tis blog felt more confident .nw i wil try leavin outcme to the divine and wil concentrate on my desire. Thank u sir.

  6. sathya,
    best of luck

  7. Pranam sir,i don’t know how mechanicaly i came to this site.before 2day i had never hard about SW.u hv said in a blog that sw r very simple technique to heal a problem,it has no specific time,no units anytime anywhere anycounts.is that realy that much simple sir?i mean if i need a chant and i start chanting it at time of cooking where my mind is focusd on recipe but my mouth is only chanting Sw……..can it work for my purpose??i mean how is it possible….SW r that much powerful?i realy thanks u for helping people like this.

  8. Pranam sir,i don’t know how mechanicaly i came to this site.before 2day i had never hard about SW.u hv said in a blog that sw r very simple technique to heal a problem,it has no specific time,no units anytime anywhere anycounts.is that realy that much simple sir?i mean if i need a chant and i start chanting it at time of cooking where my mind is focusd on recipe but my mouth is only chanting Sw……..can it work for my purpose??i mean how is it possible….SW r that much powerful?i realy thanks u for helping people like this…

  9. hi sir,
    i loved a guy.but recently he said that he has attraction towards another girl.he is also saying that he wil come out of it. He is ready to marry me. I dont know whether to believe him or not. To accept him or to go away.is ther any remedy for my present situation?

  10. hil,

  11. Hello Sir,
    I want to tell you that your blog has helped me many a times when I have been distressed. I am truly grateful to you and the Divine for guiding me to this blog when in need. I have had a problem with sleep for 8 years now , on and off. It is always when my mind is very disturbed that I can’t sleep. I dont show it much but my mind takes a toll and then sleep goes. From the past one year I have been doing meditation and it releases my negative thought patterns periodically and in those periods I get no rest , I suffer and my family life too. Same obsessive thoughts run through my mind, most are vague fears that I dont fully understand about life itself. Some known fears too like that of a sudden power cut in the middle of the night , fear of going insane etc. I feel lonely, abandoned and quite desperate at such time. The anguish is often unbearable. At other times when the mind is relatively at peace I am known to be a strong , dependable and even inspiring person to be around. Are there any switch words and Bach flower remedies I can take for my predicament? May God’s light be with you,

    • dEEPTI,
      Take the flower remedies before sleep.
      Whitechestnut to overcome obsesive thoughts. Aspen to heal unknown fear. : Rescue Remedy for fear of going insane. put 6 pills of each in a small cup of water and have 3 or 4 small sips before going to sleep.

  12. Naran Sir,
    Your blog and main website have really helped me in every problem, your posts gives us strength to face any problem and we are prepared before hand 🙂 Thanks a lot.
    Recently, I have started feeling very insecure towards my relationship, my fiancee gets angry quickly, doesnot answer important questions and seems to be lost somewhere.
    I get frustrated by his behaviour and feel unloved.
    How to regain the Love and Harmony between us?
    I am ready to do everything from my side to regain the love and harmony….


  13. aNGEL,
    CHANT chicory gentian willow cherryplum change divine order

  14. Shekar Moily Padebettu

    How to overcome my nervousness?My hands are shivering when I want to write something very important or come across any important task in front of me.I know that job can be done by me only but still I have some kind of fear resulting shivering.Any remedy?Please suggest.

  15. Shekar Moily Padebettu
    chant MIMULUS LARCH regularly

  16. Always me and my friend are having miss understanding- she expects but doesn’t tell me or explain me things. But she doesn’t understand even when i tell things directly. She has too much love and care on me which also became a problem. Same is situation for past 2 years and many unsolved disputes. Almost i became like a rock about her feelings. Easily getting angry on her for small things, not able to control myself. Please help me.

  17. sushmita,
    buy the harmony pack from the centre and both of you take.

  18. Hello Sir,

    I have been in love with a person for the last 2yrs. We had a brief relationship but there was too many confusing issues that stopped us going further. i have tried moving on, but, now, i realise that he is the person i want to be with. all my anger and jealousy and possessiveness is gone. what can i chant to make him realise that we have something special and to give us a chance for a happiness.
    We have not spoken to each other for 2yrs now. Live in the same city and have not even seen each other.

    Please help.

    • shivani,
      if your anger is gone totally, he would have come by this time.
      chant I AM SORRY., PLEASE FORGIVE ME I LOVE YOU I THANK YOU, thinking about him as many times as possible

  19. Hi Naran,

    I want to talk to my parents and share all my feelings with them. But at my house, we don’t have that much friendly environment and my mom reacts quickly than listening. What should i do so that i can open up with them and they listen to me and understand me.

  20. sushmita,

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