Release Your Spouse Qualities


 “My wife is very possessive and highly interfering”.


Take one quality of your wife at a time.

Assume that quality is within you. In fact, you will be having those qualities inside you. That’s why you have attracted her to you.

Now, do the following, taking one quality a day:

  1. First day: “I release my interfering nature to Chicory.” Keeping this intention in mind, chant “CHICORY”.
  2. Second day:  “I release my possessive nature to Chicory”.  Chant “CHICORY”.
  3. Third day: “I release my insecurities to Chicory”. Chant “CHICORY”.

While doing the above exercise, please do the following too:

  1. Be sure to thank the opposite person for revealing the inadequacies and shortcomings inside you.
  2. Reflect on your past, find out whether you have exhibited these qualities towards others, and then release them to Chicory.

This does not mean that there is no place for emotions in life. However, they should be used as different tool and then they had to be let go. There is place for anger too, but if it not forgotten or released then it becomes a rancor.


About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Can we do this for all situations, especially in social and in situations where we have issues communicating with people we work with? This seems to be feeling-based. I am asking about communicating. Both are the same at one level, so, can we do this release chant.

  2. You made my day with the process of RELEASING my OWN Attitude, which I noted as BAD in My wife. Now I trust that when my attitude changes, it impacts my wife and changes it similarly.

    Please tell me HOW long one should chant on each attitude in the given day and How long we could see the Change both in Me and My wife too.

    Do it, till you find change in her.

    • I am having a relationship. He is nice though from other community. Now his family is fixing his marriage and he is not having that guts to tell them no for that and accept me.

      I got anger but after reading this article, I realized that 5 months before I have done the same with him and always asked him to leave me. How can I follow this process now?

      And can two people of opposite religion live happy together with divine grace?

  4. jackpot,
    making a relationship a happy one is in our hands. Finding a relationship is in divine hands

  5. Dear sir,
    Ours is love marriage when ever i ask my husband we shall go out for 2 days he ignores it i want to spend atleast 2days with him in a different place but he is not taking me sir, what can i do make him agree sir. its 1.5years we have got married we have not spent 2 days alone please tel me sir

  6. Dear Naran..
    My husband is a very good person, however he takes all his stress out on our relationship…
    We had a love marriage after 9 yrs snd now we have been married for 10 yrs.. 1 1/2 yrs back he suddenly turned into an absolutely changed person and we almost got separated as he stopped caring about me n my 5 yr old son…
    Then about 8 months back he turned into the nicest husband ever and then again the bad guy in him has one out since 2 months…
    We had started trying for our 2nd child few months back n now suddenly he has changed his mind and does not want any other children…
    I feel he just takes away every small to big desires I have squeezed them n throws them without blinking an eye… He behaves like a monster and yet unknow thr is a wonderful person inside him… PlZ help… I won’t be able to eat any flowers as I’m not in India… But rest any mantra remedy will be of big help…
    Thank u so much

  7. Pl help me as my husband is having an extra marital affair and he romances with his friends wife and spends money on them ; as he never allows me to do my business or work and when ever I question him ; he ask me to move out of the house

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