STOP the MIND’s Influence on YOU Part I

“You are entitled to action only. This is the Law of Karma. Leave the fruit to me” – says Krishna.

A simple way to implement it

Living with Awareness is an important subject. If you apply this technique, you do not need attend lectures on Bhagavat Gita.

Living with awareness is a life process. If it is done regularly, it can change our lives significantly.

Do it systematically.

Play it like a game. Do not think it as an exercise.

To put it simple, you release all thoughts and feelings prior to action.

Releasing thoughts associated with an action

You get a phone call.

We assume it is a bad call.

We think and get irritated, why I should get such calls during late nights.

Can you release this irritation? Affirm, “I let go this irritation”.

Our actions are contaminated with unwanted thoughts

Whenever you are about to perform an action, it is preceded by thoughts.

Release those thoughts.

That’s does not mean you are prevented from doing the action. You just do the action.

Then you are in the present – without any thought, and only doing actions.

If some other thoughts come, tell them, “You can come later. This is not the time for you now.”

If you do any action, without any thought or feeling, then its 100 percent completed.

You are entitled only to act

You are not entitled to think or feel before an action.

If you tell the thought to go, it will go.

After the action, if the results are not to our expectations, we will comment badly about concerned people. We will remark, “I wasted so much time with them”.

Affirm then, “I release the thought. I let go this thought.”

When you put a counter thought like this, the mind gets confused as it cannot continuously change its thought flow or pattern.

After releasing all the thoughts that appears in your mind, comes the time for your action(s).

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Sir when we pray for something we automaticaly think that our wish wl fulfil,its our faith on prayer is an action?and if expectation for our desire should release then how can we keep faith?

  2. Dear Naran,

    You say “If you tell the thought to go, it will go.” i I do not find this to be true for me. What do you do about persistent negative unwanted thoughts?

  3. gRACE,
    persistent thoughts or thought? who is holding them?

  4. ‘Dharmakshetre kurukshetra’, the war, is in the human heart and mind, where the battle of right and wrong is fought daily, even hourly, basis” -Every crisis, disguised as physical, financial or emotional challenge, at its heart is a spiritual challenge…

  5. Thanks. This is exactly what I wanted to know. This is the real “sutra” of living in Kalyug.

    What Grace mentioned in No2. also holds true for me.

    Questions pertaining to this topic but inter-related to my problem:-

    i. What can be done in situations where releasing or letting go is not possible quickly?
    ii. My problem: While talking face to face to someone OR in a meeting when asked a question OR while talking to a client over the phone, I get consistent different sorts of thoughts – I think a lot – I think what I am thinking is right or wrong – most of the times I take a long pause “thinking what I am thinking” – this has made my mind freeze – mind has become very confused – this has led me to become mute (absolutely don’t say anything at all) – this is causing me an issue in my day to day life – couple of astro readers have told me that I think “A LOTT”. Definitely I feel this is karmic as written on my birth-chart.


  6. male-user
    Mentally do not rehearse anything – “i will answer this way; this is the answer” before the meeting. when you face a person your action is talking. Talk
    after the meeting is over do not analyze what happened. then release every though that comes to you.

    • Hi Naran – Thanks for the response.

      By not thinking and just talking, I get a feeling that I am not taking responsibility of my thoughts. This is what is causing me to think 10 times before saying/doing anything. I feel that I may do some wrong karma. One of the reasons is because I have not had a good past. There were problems created because of what I said and they were all beyond my control. That was when I started to stop everything and start everything fresh from the source (ie; the thoughts).

      Please advise how to come out of this fear of doing/saying something wrong OR OR fear of hurting someone OR fear or creating wrong karma leading to an unfavorable life.


  7. Mob# 093430 01821

    Naran Ji, My name is Kishore Kaikini. I had mailed on your Q&A Site…a few select Questions. Next day I could not trace the Original Q&A from your Web Site…resulting in abandoning any expectations of reply.

    Well My Childhood was nurtured by an aged Granny who was ABSOLUTE spiritual. She had imbibed a Statement: “KARANYE Va ADHIKARASTE”…at my age 12
    “Ma Faleshu Kadachan was told to me much much later at age 19, when I did not get DISTINCTION in Class XI (then SSLC in 1963) ….
    her explanation was that I studied for THE EXPECTATIONS of Class
    and that Domain is not in my hands…So, in future I should JUST PERFORM with out any EXPECTATIONS.
    You will possibly doubt it out that I DID get money during my Earning Phase MUCH MUCH lower…including Receivables being Denied/Cheated

    And my current situation is… I am now living on Funds for sustenance provided by Son….and despite, I am competent as of now to work on large value efforts….and delivering SERVICES as NGO (Not for Profit)
    I am treated by my account with “AGENT philosophy” which hurts Me.

    I am not paid in advance like a formal contract…nor a written contract exists. Word of Honor is my philosophy and the PARTY is HONEST will not desert me…is my inner feeling. But, recently….I experienced a 180*
    turn and Party started dealing with Clients brought forward by Me, saying He is competent to deal and Has avoided me.

    You say do not THINK when doing the WORK…but I suppose I did not expect any Monetary receivables at any point in time….and have rendered SELFLESS actions …now on the Door-Step to yield good Fortune by cheque in Lakhs and as word of honor is 40% will be passed on to me if REVENUE is paid up in Bank of my client. VERY SENIOR person of DIRECTOR STATUS of Autonomous Body (GoK) in 80′.

    Will PROVIDENCE pay me is again my lingering doubt all time though I continue with Self less Service as necessary since My rapport with my Contacts is much much superior to My account, who has now has taken over final stage of business.

    Any Comments?

    in case you wish to guide me in personal touch.

    • Kishore,
      How to live the life ordained by Bagavad gita practically is taught on Feb 23rd. at chennai.
      That will help everyone to achieve and at the same time remain spiritual.
      Around July or so i will give practical steps for the slokas in sankya yoga – chapter 2 of Bagavad gita. They will be published in the site. That will be helpful for those who could not attend the workshop

  8. hi sir, if letting go is the way of life, then is chantin to attract more wealth wrong.can u plz explain?

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