Rule your MIND! Rule your LIFE!!

STOP the MIND’s Influence on YOU Part IV

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Your child is not studying

Letting go proves to be very difficult for the mother.  Between feelings/emotions and action there is no gap. So she gets angry and scolds him.

Then she will feel guilty and pamper him to appease him. During this process, the purpose of the son to study has been lost.

How to manage such a situation?

Whenever any emotion arises, ask the questions:

  • What are the thoughts?
  • What is the emotion behind the thought(s)?
  • I accept this thought
  • Can I release it?

By asking questions, you are creating a gap between thoughts and actions.

Will he study if I release the thought? He has not studied so far anyway.

Try this technique, release your anger and do the action. Then see the results for yourself whether he studies or not.

Why there are communication barriers between mother and son?

Emotions block the communication.

What is the communication required here? He has to listen to us for him to study.

There can be three types of desires here.

Desire to control or change the person

He has to study very hard. He has to become an Engineer and so on.

A framework is present here:

  • Release the thought one after another
  • Do I want to change this person/child?
  • If I say yes, can I release my desire to control the person?
  • We are only releasing the desire, and we are not releasing the action here.
  • I release my desire to control the person. Only then your anger will go.

Desire for more security – feeling of insecurity

Is there is any desire to feel more secure?

Only if he studies well he will do well and then I will become free.

Where there is fear there is no presence of Divinity. Only Satan is present.

I release my fear.

These desires are born with ego.

Desire for approval

Others should recognize my son’s talent. Others should appreciate us (by appreciating my son’s excellence in his studies). People have to complement us (how well you have brought him up).

Another example where a husband desires his wife should treat him properly when he comes home from office.

Release that desire.

What if she appreciates you or not? You let go the craving for recognition.

More and more you should indulge in releasing thoughts, like a game.

Rule your mind instead of mind ruling you

Now mind is managing your life.

Instead, manage it yourself.

Then you do not need a teacher. You do not need anybody.

Therefore, just let go all the thoughts.

What this technique can do

  • Achieving your goals. We are not saying no for achievement. We are only entitled for action and not fruits for the action.
  • Keep saying release and go beyond likes and dislikes.
  • Decision-making
  • Breaking bad habits
  • Better Health and Wealth
  • Good Relationships
  • Build better parent and children relationships
  • In your career you will be able to do wonders

In entire life, you can let go and release. Everything will happen without your intervention.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. radha narayanan

    Sir is there any remedy to take so that we can make quick and excellent decisions in life especially major ones-which career? which job? etc..With so many choices we are definately confused.

  2. radha naranyana,
    to take a decision, take the flower remedy scleranthus. After taking the decision, start taking honeysuckle so that you will not regret your decision.

  3. Mary Ann Dulcina Assumption Lobo

    I need some remedy to get my birth documents corrected from the Municipal Office which I have been visiting for several months. The birth certificate given does not have any name stated and I need my full name mentioned on it. Next my father and mother name is also not stated correctly. I also need my father and mother’s full name to be written on the certificate. Can you please suggest some chants/remedy.
    Thank You.

    • : Mary Ann Dulcina Assumption Lobo
      chant centaury willow rockwater waterviolet now done.
      write this in a paper and go to the office

      • Sir,
        Every visit I attend the Municipal Office the clerks keep on giving me further dates and asking me to get more and more document to prove my full name. I have my church baptism certificate and passport with my full name MADAL which they are not considering. My ration card and school certificate has last two names AL. Yesterday I visited the Municipal office, they have now asked me to come and meet the officer tomorrow at 3 pm and give her explanation.It has really been a long wait for this certificate. I need my full name Mary Ann Dulcina Assumption Lobo alongwith my father name and mother full name on my municipal birth certificate. I have been following your above instructions regularly. Do I need any more remedies so that I am able to get my Birth certificate soon.

  4. Mary Ann Dulcina Assumption Lobo


    I visited the office today too, waited very long to meet the concern officer but she never was free or took interest to meet me. For long hours I was waiting outside her cabin. The clerk simply said she can issue me a certificate with just my two names Assumption Lobo, that does not serve my purpose by having an incomplete name on the municipal certificate. Even to enter proper names of my parents were not shown any interest. I just have a Municipal certificate with just the right date on the day I was born mentioned. I am seeking a document only for my records with just right complete name of self and my parents and the concern office or staff there does not seem to understand my request. I have been regularly chanting remedies suggested by you and also carrying paper with remedy written on it. Is there anything more I have to do so that I get my desired Birth Certificate soon.
    Mary Ann Dulcina Assumption Lobo

  5. Mary Ann Dulcina Assumption Lobo


    Thank you very much for the CHANT and I am really grateful to you for your kind support. that I have finally got the certificate that I have long waited. The chant have really helped me. I recited it as and when I could anywhere anyplace and I believed that there is some power that would help me to obtain what i want and the remedy given by you did work. How happy and excited I am to see my full name, my father’s full and my mother’s name on my birth certificate. I want all readers to know that simple hassle free chants/remedies given by Naran are wonderful. It worked for me.

    Now I am just one step closer to finally achieving my goal.

    Mary Ann Dulcina Assumption Lobo

  6. mary a d assumption lobo


    Please help me with chants/ remedies, I need raise in salary. I have been working in this company since 2010 with no increment. Can you please suggest some remedy has debts are only increasing and need more money to sustain.


  7. Mary ann dulcina assumption lobo


    I am very impressed with chants suggested by you and I need your guidance again.
    Please suggest some chants remedies so that my boss gives me increase in my salary.
    I am in debts and I need more money to sustain.



  8. Felt so hopeless looking for answers to my qu.n.ioss.etuntil now.

  9. Ha ha. This is so true!! I have suffered the kitchen re-arrangement and my cleaning too was not up to standard. Couldn’t find a thing afterwards. Rather than say anything, I just try and look at it from a different angle. Well, is she wants to clean my kitchen for me then it gives me more time to do other things.

  10. Lolakshi Bangera

    Namaskaras Sir. My husband is very suspicious. Suspicious to the core. Even the watchman is not spared. He will go the person he doubts and warn him that he will break his legs. He doubts sister’s husband because of which I find is awkward to go to any family function. He is 62 and I am 54. Now I am worried because of his this nature no one will be ready to marry my children who are of marriable age. I have resigned from job because of his nature. Now he is retired and I am under surviellance 24 x 7. No relative speaks to me because of his nature. Please help Sir. Thanks Divine.

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