React! But Release First!!


Refer the blog:

You will say neutral. I say balanced.

One lady called mummy said nasty things about you on blog and I was aghast for a few minutes.

I did your rule “exercise”.

Later, saw coolly how you tackle everything and everyone!!


In fact, before replying to Mummy, I did the same.

I am glad you have done it too.

Please read the blog, I have written based on the action I took after I read Mummy’s comments:

This is the message I want to give it for one and all:

  1. We are entitled to act and not react.
  2. Release your emotions, beliefs, and thoughts as well as the desires operating behind them and then act.
  3. This way your actions will not be based on past memories, but on reality.

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Hello Mr. Naran,

    At my work place or anywhere else, what I do is whenever someone says something I keep quiet and do not respond at all.
    This keeping quiet was developed due to the below reasons-
    1. My father has a nature of rejecting the other person Or saying something till the very end of any discussion/argument. (I had this nature too, but sometimes it is only in the mind and sometimes it is with specific people.)
    Since childhood I have been keeping quiet whenever someone at home or outside says anything.

    2. Two years ago I had a very painful relationship problem (not of spouse). This was definitely Karmic. I absolutely kept quiet when that other person said something to me. This was creating a lot of pain in me internally but I had to keep quiet to end this issue. It took a really long time for me to come out of this.

    Now my mind is almost frozen. I dont say anything to anybody. Sometimes this helps in keeping the situation calm. But most of the times people go on saying something or the other to me and I still keep quiet. When such incidents happen, I feel that if I will talk then it is definitely going to lead to an argument. I think that keeping quiet will not create any relationship issue and everything will be fine.
    But what happens is, when I dont respond to anybody, internally I feel that turmoil and feel like bashing that person through words. I feel if I dont respond, people will take me for granted and I will become a doormat. I feel if I say something then it will create bad karma and I will end up in another bad relationship.

    So I am confused whether to retaliate to that person or what else to do?
    If I go by this approach -> “React! But Release First!!”, then it does not give me much time. People keep on saying so fast that it does not give much time to release and react.
    Please advise.

  2. there is only question above – “So I am confused whether to retaliate to the other person or what else to do?”

    I wanted to highlight the details of my past situations by mentioning no. 1 and no. 2 as points. thanks.

    • ravi,
      when you want to thrash out the person what thoughts that come to you. note the thoughts obeserve the thought say I release this i release this, till the end of the conversation.
      In between if you need to answer answer.
      You do this also.
      In addition to what you do, take the flower remedy Agrimony 2 pills four times a day.

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