Stop thinking negative


I noticed that you always say that our conscious mind always has a tendency to create that what we don’t want.

Then how we can stop it, as we can’t stop thinking about our needs and desires?

If we think negative then it often creates it. Why then we wish positive when it doesn’t happen?


Just say, “I release this thought” as and when any thought arises.

If you have a desire, release that and work towards that desire.

Don’t think about the result while you are working towards your goal.

Accept whatever comes as results whether you wanted it or not:

  1. When you have got what you desired, then PRAY for others – who are denied and/or whose desires were unfulfilled.
  2. When you have not got what you desired, THANK the DIVINE for giving it to someone, who needed most.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. sir how to get success and money in business. my husband is in business for last 8 years.. he is not getting enough profit..
    As suggested by you he is taking gentain larch willow 5 pills each in water and now he is less complaining..confidence level better… but flow of money is still less..and .he is not getting enough clients.what can he do..

    • Dear Sir,
      In my office 2 of our lady colleagues always jealous with me and back bitting. Whenever chance comes they will try to downgrade me. I am senior and more deserved but they want to show to others that they are the important people and I am not that much important. I never thought anything wrong with them eventhough they are like this for years and sometimes I blame myself why should i tolerate these things and why should they lie always. Only if emergency comes they need my help and after that use like a waste paper. My words are not taken care by my superior officers. Why should it happens and what is the remedy, mantra or sw to come out of this situation. Sir plz guide me and it may be useful for other who are suffering like me.Thanks.

    • satya
      Take the flower remedies Centaury holly hornbeam
      In the night take Agrimony whitechestnut.
      Listen to the cd Durga durgama
      do the forgiving exercise

      • m
        download a picture of pink tourmaline and Mimulus and ask your husband to chant FIND COUNT DIVINE SEEING THE PICTURES.
        These pictures can be kept under the pillow

  2. Hy naran sir
    I am a nursing students and almost about to finish the course. I have two exams left one on this friday and other in 4 days. i wAnt to score higher grades to pass the course.i chant “Ambika mantra” and wrote 398 and left under my pillow so I can achieve higher scores to pass the class.
    Please help me this is very important for me to pass the class.i am filling over whelmed and don’t know how I am going to do it.
    Thank you

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