It is His Responsibility

…Not mine…


Referring Naran’s answer to the comment:

But Naran, if I say ‘I release my desire on divine field, I accept whatever may be the result’ and then do our work means can chanting switch words for my desire, is that not again we expect something?

My question is that is the total cycle works mechanically on life?


Releasing to the divine field means put the desire at the feet of the Divine so that it becomes his responsibility to complete it. He will always do what is highest good for you.

Chanting is action. Do the chanting, without your mind on result.

Radha Narayanan

After reading this particular blog I had an experience I want to share.

Today, when I went to work, no one was talking to me properly and I was desperate to know why? Immediately I told myself, “I release this desire. I forgive others and others please forgive me, thanks divine”.

Within one hour everyone was smiling at me and one person who never used to bother about me was enquiring my health so on.

Thanks Naran – as always your small but effective tips work!!!

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Naran, I want to report that the silver triangle technique is working wonders in my life. Resentments and patterns are changing more and more every day. Many of the painful thoughts I used to have are just gone. My relationship with my parents is better and I can see more clearly what other steps to take in correcting some of the other unwanted aspects of my life. I encourage everyone to try to imagine the triangle as Naran has asked. I have felt guided to do more forgiveness and cut more cords (I have Naran’s CD). It’s been my experience that you do not need to know how…you just need to try it as Naran has guided. Also trust yourself to do it completely…do not try it in a half hearted way. I want to point out I have no training in such things…just faith.

    My new question is…what is the nature of debt? How do we generate debt to a person, place or institution. Is it resistance to abundance? Is it slavery? I want to rule my mind when it comes to this. I think forgiveness might be the key. Please let me know more about this.

    • Grace,
      Debt is an obligation to somebody.
      we are always obligated to the Divine, for which we are not thankful to him. When THANKS is not there in the heart, Debt will enter in one’s life.
      When you analyse the thoughts and emotions built up around the debt, it is always blaming. blaming on poverty consciousness; blaming the destiny; blaming the lack and luck; blaming the divine.
      Debt is always Time-bound; if you dont pay in time, it will mount.
      A person who has not understood the value of time, who has postponing tendencies, who has wasted his food, or who has not shared his food,who resents others’ success, who is thankless and blames the parents is likely to enter into debt.
      the energy of THANKS alone will help him in periods of debt.
      i will try to write on this more later.

      • Thank you for your detailed response! I feel blessed to have read this.

        • I completely agree with and thank Grace for posting thanks and blessedness!

          as i think abt it…I could quite easily relate to this…. gratitude is indeed the highest prayer…appreciation the best worship…yet another wonderful and helpful (reply) post from naran sir.

          love thanks grace divine.

  2. This was the missing step I was failing to take! Thank you so much. I’m not sure why this was advice was not penetrating my mind but it is now.

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