Want to change past events?


Acceptance is not compromising. If you want to know about acceptance, then you have to read the great epic Ramayana.

Some things we can accept and some we don’t. We have to probe in and find that out.

For example, you may wish you were aged twenty-five, while you are actually sixty-five now.

Sometimes we say if I would have met him fifteen minutes before his death, I could have done this, done that and so on.

We think like that. There is always an inherent desire to change something. It is all because of Dwesha (a part of mind), which does not like pain in any form.

Affirm many times, “I release my desire to change or control the past”.

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About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Hi Sir, I have a bad relationship with my mother and she is very controlling, ungrateful, irritating, annoying, always upsetting, egoistic and arrogant. It was too painful and torturous to be with while growing up and I was sooo fearful & afraid of her. Only fulfilled the very basic things the way she wants, with very little attention although I was the only child. Most of my life I was pretending to like her (couldn’t show my true feelings) because I didn’t want to hurt her. She has let everyone bully me and badmouthed about me for very small things although I was a very obedient angel and did all to please her, she’s very ungrateful, extremely negative and idiotic. She has injected so much fear and lack in my mind by NOT getting me anything I like, everything was her way and I did all even-though I hated doing things she made me do. She has ruined my life because I was never peaceful when I’m around her and kept quiet most of my life to everything that comes out of her nasty mouth. For a long time I was never able to defend myself from bullies and negative demanding personalities, and always got hurt badly everywhere I went (but never showed it to anyone). But after a spiritual program in India during this Kumbhmela, I got the courage to stand up for myself & defend me and I have told the bullies off including my mom. But my mother still haven’t changed much and continue to ruin my life and mood. Everytime I’m around her within 5 minutes she has the talent to make people furious. if I go around her my whole week would be ruined because everything she has done to me since childhood comes to memory one after the other and its killing me & I cry by myself regretting why I chose her as mother. I honestly don’t understand how can I choose someone who you don’t get along with and ruins my life & peace? I’ve tried so much to change her nasty arrogant behavior, she only changed little. I can’t stand her for a minute now and I want to make her pay for everything she did and I’m furious & grudges against her now. I tried accepting and releasing emotions many times but I really couldn’t completely as she keeps behaving like this. Because of all these negativity towards her I think my mooladhara is blocked and having soo much financial issues. I don’t know how to release my resistance and the muscle memory incompletions with her to sort this out. I HAVE BOUGHT ALL YOUR BACH FLOWER REMEDIES and most cds and still have them but do not know what to do for this situation. The inner smile cd helps but I want to stop traveling to past emotions. Please help!

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