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What goes out comes in


Our contradictory behaviors – Home vs. Work

We will keep criticizing people at home for small things, while we tolerate more in the work place.

On the contrary, when an assistant asks for small things, you may reject it using office procedures as an excuse. Though at home, you might prefer to say yes for whatever your wife asks for.

You may reject somebody and dislike somebody else. The same dislike will operate against you in some other place. Somebody else will reject you or dislike you.

She got into some problem in her office

Anjali was blamed for something she didn’t do, saying that the work comes under her jurisdiction. Whatever explanation she wanted to give was not accepted, even though she is an honest worker.

Then why this should happen to her?

I asked her whether she had rejected someone close to her. She said all along she treated her husband like dirt. I told her when she changes her attitude toward him, her office situation will become alright and it did.

When you are rejecting a person with no reason, then you will be rejected unnecessarily in some other place. If you constantly find fault with somebody then you will be criticised by somebody else. This is a mental cycle.

Abusing somebody who had asked for a donation

If you had insulted somebody unnecessarily then you will be insulted unnecessarily.

Somebody wanted a donation from Arun for charity purpose. He rejected him giving not only flimsy reasons but also criticised him vehemently. Later, after two years, he was charged by custom authorities and asked him to pay more.

We do not observe life at all. The person who came for donation was wounded. Now Arun is wounded. This is law of life.

Therefore, whatever you do, release you desire, emotions behind it and then do it.

Do this! Problems will be solved automatically!!


Desire for approval in action

You can list the ways you seek desire for approval:

  • Thank you for your appreciation
  • I don’t want to hurt his feelings
  • I should not reject him
  • If I do this, he will be happy
  • If I do this, he will not get angry

In addition, list the ways by which you allow yourself to be controlled by others or control others – Desire for approval.

You can term it as fear of rejection or disapproval, for example to influence others through Batch Flower Remedies (list this item too).

We have so much desire to control others and events. We use Bach Flower remedies either with a desire to change ourselves or others.

70% of the time we are operating with this desire and may be more, but not less. If we release this desire, most of the problems will be solved by itself!!

Does a person control you?


He is controlling me. If you think A is trying to control you, then it means you have fear of being controlled.

  • Release the fear of being controlled

Can you release the fear to be controlled?

Why A is controlling you? It is because you have the fear of being controlled.

  • Before releasing the fear welcome it and then accept it.

Whenever he controls you, are you resisting him?

  • Accept your resistance to him and release it.

Do you like to change him?

  • If yes, can you release the desire to change him?

What do you dislike in him?

  • Can you let go this dislike?

You may ask a different question.

What is that you disapprove, or reject/dislike in him?

Can you accept him as he is? If you get “No” then continue the exercise. You will not get an immediate yes, as you have dislikes for him.

Does this person cause fear in you? What will happen if you are standing in front of him? Is there is any feeling of insecurity?

  • Release your feelings of insecurity.
  • Release your feelings of him.

What do you think will happen if you are in front of him? Do you want this fear to happen?  If no, then release it.

  • Can you release this wanting to happen?
  • Release your fear.

How do you protect yourself? Do you show your anger? Do you resist him? Alternatively, do you have the desire to separate from him or go away from him?

  • Release all those desires.

Can you now accept the person as he is? If you get ‘No”, then continue the exercise. Can you have trust in him? Does anyone think that he or she cannot accept him as he is?

Please understand, if you cannot accept him, then he will continue to be in these types of situations. If you do not want to quarrel or lose harmony, you can nullify the charge of emotions by accepting him as he is.

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Do you know why you react negatively?


Even though you are successful in your career…!!!

By nature, you are pure – positive, fearless, loving etc. In that sense, all of us are united at a level – called as Sub-conscious Mind or Universal Mind, where we have access to this positive energy.

At this level we are perfect, can do anything we want and be anything we would like to be.

However, we bring in the energy of negativity from outside. Thus, fear, anger, hatred etc., comes from outside and not inside us.

Then, how to get rid of the part that you don’t want?


“I RELEASE the part that produces anger”.

“I OPEN and ALIGN WITH the part that activates love, and forgiveness”.

Attend the workshop on 19th Oct, to know more about your shadow self:

Audit your thoughts


I want to share one wonderful experience with you, which have happened recently. I’m doing one audit for a company and this month there was physical verification of stock.

A fortnight back, I went with my team and compiled the report. The report was throwing out some serious abnormalities. Generally we sign the report on the same day. Since difference was out of proportion, I called the GM of the company and we had a meeting on Monday and I had submitted the report.

After a week, on Monday, one senior official called me and he started blaming me that I had given a wrong report. He never allowed me to talk as well. Then he had sent a mail asking for the qualification of persons carrying on the audit. Immediately after the call I chanted “PINE” and “WILLOW”.

Immediately, I saw R Mohan online and mailed him all the details. He asked me to do “Living with awareness” and also chant the switch words, “BOW TINY CONCEDE TOGETHER REACH DIVINE”. I chanted that.

But, I was kind of hurt. I also chanted, “AGRIMONY HEATHER WATER VIOLET HOLLY HORNBEAM”, which you had mentioned for the peaceful visit in the blog.

Then whenever the worry came, I kept on surrendering the problem to “The Mother”.

I had the constant fear whether they would change the auditor, since I was doing it for my friend.

Suddenly yesterday late evening they called up and said confusion is mainly because they had given the wrong details for book stock and apologized to me.

I thanked the Divine and also was a bit harsh with them for giving the wrong data.

One more interesting input here is the person who called and shouted at me on Monday had already known that the details given by them are wrong on Saturday itself.

How did they change it then? I had to learn a lesson and the healing had taken place.

My many thanks to you and R Mohan!


Whenever any event happens our reaction is instantaneous. This happens because of the memory of the past behaviour. This pattern if repeated puts you into the karmic loop.

When anything happens, behave opposite to your normal behavior. Here, only releasing techniques help one person.

When you react contrary to your normal behaviour (behaviour includes reaction, your thoughts, your conclusion etc.) you are out of the karmic loop.

Best of luck

It is His Responsibility

…Not mine…


Referring Naran’s answer to the comment:

But Naran, if I say ‘I release my desire on divine field, I accept whatever may be the result’ and then do our work means can chanting switch words for my desire, is that not again we expect something?

My question is that is the total cycle works mechanically on life?


Releasing to the divine field means put the desire at the feet of the Divine so that it becomes his responsibility to complete it. He will always do what is highest good for you.

Chanting is action. Do the chanting, without your mind on result.

Radha Narayanan

After reading this particular blog I had an experience I want to share.

Today, when I went to work, no one was talking to me properly and I was desperate to know why? Immediately I told myself, “I release this desire. I forgive others and others please forgive me, thanks divine”.

Within one hour everyone was smiling at me and one person who never used to bother about me was enquiring my health so on.

Thanks Naran – as always your small but effective tips work!!!

Positive vs. Negative thoughts

A thought is a thought. Who says it is positive?

We say so as judging, categorizing, good or bad, likes and dislikes, it is the creation of the human mind.

For the divinity there is no judgment at all. It doesn’t judge that this is positive and that is negative.

So good thought or bad thought, everything has to be released.

Only when you do so, then only you will find what real happiness is. That is Sat Chit Ananda Roopini (goddess of ever-green-joy).

However, even to feel the Sat Chit Anandam (ever-green-joy), one should have the grace of that energy.

Unless we have the grace of the divine, we cannot do any action and move forward in life. At the same time unless we take the action, divine grace will not come. Both are dependent on each other.

We are not doing anything new

There is nothing like past. Analyze your life now. Analyze your emotions and relationships now.

This is what you did in the previous Janma. If you do analyze and release the present situation, that means you are also handling the karma efficiently.

We are not doing anything new. Whatever we have done so far is the continuation of the previous life(s).

Then how to deviate or overlook the karma?

When you start thinking differently about a particular issue then your past life karma will not have any effect on you, because you are going on a different path.

Thinking differently and behaving differently in a situation is very important.

If somebody is having a contrary opinion to you, our normal nature is to resist it or have a judgment about that person. Then how to go about it differently?

It means, “Yes that person is telling his views. I have my own views. I appreciate his views and let him have his views and let me not try to change it either”.

In that manner, you mend your ways and deviate from the past. For each and every behavior, find out how you behaved in the past and deviate from that. Then you are not re-living your past.

Only when you are not reliving your past then only you can create a new future.

That is another subject called as ‘Past-Life Healing’.

Purpose of Meditation


When we meditate we are supposed to control our anger. That is the purpose of meditation.

But, even then the anger comes. Does it mean that we are not doing the meditation properly?


Meditation is nothing but a state of mind.

What is the meaning of meditation?

Meditate means – cultivate. When you sit for meditation we have to cultivate the qualities of the soul or the qualities of the Spirit. That is why it is called the Spiritual Quality.

It is the mind that meditates. However, the habit of the mind is to always to cling to something. Clinginess or clinging to a particular thought, anger or any emotion is the work of the mind. You have to go beyond the mind.

It is not possible for us to do the mediation without being disturbed.

How to channel your anger?

Then what is method by which we can channelize our anger?

No emotion can be controlled, because if you try to control an emotion then it will bounce back at a later date when you do not want it.

Controlling is different. Channelizing the emotion is different. Both are not possible by the mind.

So, whatever the thought that comes to the mind, simply say, “I release this thought”.

That is the way you can handle the mind or the thoughts of the mind. We always think that we are the mind. But the mind is the tool for the soul inside (us). For the soul to do the observation, the mind is given as its tool. The senses are its gateways.

How does mind operates then?

That means what is the mentality of the mind? It always sees everything outside. We have been tuned to see everything outside through our senses, for the last so many years. Not only we do that, our parents did that, and our ancestors did that.

That means looking outside and judging the events or assimilating them and passing your own comments about the events by seeing outside, is inscribed inside your gene.

Managing thoughts that are out of control

You cannot do without the thought because the thought comes out of mind, without your control.

The only way to handle the flow of thought is we have to disassociate ourselves from the mind saying, “Can I release this thought? Yes, this is only a thought”.  Then say, “I release this thought”.

When you counteract the mind by putting a question, the mind stops thinking. That is how you should do it, which comes only by practice.

Even if you practice for one day and you are successful in eliminating or releasing all the thoughts, the second day you may fail.

Again we have to try because when the child learns to walk, it falls so many times for so many days. And still it gets up and tries to walk.

Similarly, this is a new learning for us and new subject for us. Therefore every day we may succeed. And if we fail, we have to get up and try again.

Only by subduing the mind by putting counteractive questions, the mind can be silenced. 

Learn to manage your fears

List out the fears

Think about your unnecessary fears and worries (over which you cannot do anything).

You list out all those fears.

Release them one by one.

Why fear should not be there?

Then fear will not allow you to love yourself.

How that fears can be removed?

You have to address one fear at a time and say:


Meaning of the Switch Word Fiber

“FIND DIVINE FIBRE” means regain the courage in me or regain the trust in me.

When you get fear chant this, “FIND DIVINE FIBER”.

Switch Word Fiber creates a movement, while fear will stop it. 

Want my husband to appreciate my cooking


If there is no desire for approval, what is the point in doing anything? My husband has never said so far my cooking is fine.


What I say here is acknowledge your desire, release it and then do the work.

  • I release my desire for approval
  • Give him the food
  • He will appreciate it

If you don’t do the releasing then you will get angry that he has not appreciated your cooking.

If you ask me that’s why your Iddly is not coming out well 🙂

Try the following and tell me, how it works:

  • I release my desire for approval
  • Seeking approval is a form of seeking appreciation. Therefore, I release my desire for appreciation too.

Keep doing it!

  • Ask him, “Why you didn’t appreciate about the food, that I had cooked for you”. Nevertheless, do not have emotion when you ask that.
  • Even if you get angry, have anger, but affirm, ‘I release my desire to change my husband’.
  • Keep chanting that as affirmation. Now you ask him why he did not appreciate.
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