Boost Your Self-Confidence


Develop confidence when jobless

You can learn a lot by observing people. Learn to understand your existing relationships – with your family members, friends, and relatives.

Move with them closely, express and communicate with love as if you were meeting them for the first time and as though this would be the last time you are going to meet them.

Contribute something to them lovingly. Help them in any manner you can. It need not be financial.

This will boost your self-confidence and enthusiasm. Normally one feels confident and enthusiastic only after getting the job. Now, you are acquiring this state before getting the job.

This will also make you a better person. You will also learn how to relate to your colleagues and superiors when you move to your future workplace.

When you are ready to learn anything new, then this period would become a period of relaxation, instead of a period of frustration. 



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But to train our mind, which has been seeking love from outside world from many lives and suddenly to turn it towards the unseen force of love of god, is the most difficult thing to do.

Is there any easy way to surrender to god, or to train our mind which is not used to that process till now?


How did you learn the alphabets? Was it not difficult at the young age of 4 or 5? Are you still finding it difficult?


Nothing is easier. There is no short cut.

How do you turn inward?

When there is anger, what we do? We see the person outside, react to what he says and then the altercation starts.

When any emotion is kindled, check yourself from participating. Instead, go within yourself and ask, “Why this anger in me? From where (inside me), it is coming?”

If the physical indication points to me – my hunger and thirst, I immediately satiate my hunger and quench my thirst. Similarly if there is anger in me, I have to release it, instead of inciting it.

Try this with any of your emotions and thoughts. Release anything as and when it arises. Just say, “Can I release this? Say I release this anger…”

Magic mantra – every day, week and month


Referring the article:

I am amazed reading this, as today I was reading old articles of 2009. I was filled with eagerness to learn more and regret that I “wasted” my last four years.

Then I started repeating:

  • “I release my desire to learn more”,
  • “I release regrets of the past”
  • “I accept the present”.

Soon my frame of mind was positive and cheerful again!!

This is a magic mantra. All day now, I repeat this for all things! And finding myself closer and closer to the person I was – before all the stressful life events (happened to me).

From RULE your MIND Workshop notes

1. Release the emotions you felt during the day

Do this exercise for all of them – taking one emotion at a time. Even if it is a positive feeling, release that. Find out the state of the mind and do the steps:

  • “I welcome this state”,
  • “I accept it”
  • “Can I release that?”

Even if it is a negative emotion (or feeling) like anger, you release it.

Whatever that does not go, write it in a notebook and continue to work on it, until it goes.

2. Release emotions felt during the last one week

What are the predominant emotions you had? During last seven days what incidents happened? What emotions you felt?

Welcome each one of them, accept them and release them by keep saying,” I release, I release”.

3. Repeat the exercise for last one month

Are you able to remember any emotions? Are there are any emotion still persisting? When I say emotions, I mean not just negative emotions but also positive emotions.

A SIMPLE technique to make others love you

Before doing anything, before speaking anything, ask yourself, “Will the Divine be happy and bless me if I do this or speak this?”

If you think that the divine will be happy and bless, then you may proceed.

Then you will be loved by one and all.

Why we are doing this exercise?

It makes you to be silent, or to train yourself to be in silence. We cannot know the value of silence.

As you reduce your speech, silence will automatically come. Silence will develop as you stop using unnecessary words.

Lead a Life of No-Karma

The more you try to be silent or reduce your speech you will come out of your karma very easily. The moment you utter a word, you are incurring your karma.

You are not responsible for any word or emotion that is not under your control. If you just say “RELEASE”, the emotion or thought will go.

Instead of doing that, with emotion/thought as your motivating force, if you utter a word or do a thing then you are entering into karma.

When there is conflict or quarrel you have to be very careful in using your words. If we speak unnecessarily it will bounce back on you at a later stage.

(Only here) You should use your analytical mind and restrain from such talks.

The above extract was taken from ‘I Love Myself Workbook’ by Naran S Balakumar

Likes and Dislikes


How liking for a person operates inside the mind?

Take one person what you like about him and what you don’t like about him, say your spouse for example.

You have a liking for the person. What is the desire operating behind this like?

For some reason you like him. Whoever listens to us we like them. If somebody argues with us, even if they tell the truth we don’t like them.

Therefore, when we like somebody we have to like him for some reason. It could be based on desire for approval or desire to associate.

  • Therefore, shall we say, ‘I release my desire to like him’.

Because we have desire to possess, when that person is around, we feel happy.

When they go away from us, then we do not feel happy and start hating that person.

Did you release the liking for that person? We are not sure, so we are not releasing it.

When you release your likes about a person, everything will go on well between you and the concerned person. Love will get stronger.

  • Release all your likes and dislike for the same person.

How does dislike operates?

If they are like this, then I am happy about them. Thus, a desire to control or change the person operates here.

  • Therefore, welcome your dislike and release your dislike.
  • Then accept your desire to control and release it as well.

It is His Responsibility

…Not mine…


Referring Naran’s answer to the comment:

But Naran, if I say ‘I release my desire on divine field, I accept whatever may be the result’ and then do our work means can chanting switch words for my desire, is that not again we expect something?

My question is that is the total cycle works mechanically on life?


Releasing to the divine field means put the desire at the feet of the Divine so that it becomes his responsibility to complete it. He will always do what is highest good for you.

Chanting is action. Do the chanting, without your mind on result.

Radha Narayanan

After reading this particular blog I had an experience I want to share.

Today, when I went to work, no one was talking to me properly and I was desperate to know why? Immediately I told myself, “I release this desire. I forgive others and others please forgive me, thanks divine”.

Within one hour everyone was smiling at me and one person who never used to bother about me was enquiring my health so on.

Thanks Naran – as always your small but effective tips work!!!

Positive vs. Negative thoughts

A thought is a thought. Who says it is positive?

We say so as judging, categorizing, good or bad, likes and dislikes, it is the creation of the human mind.

For the divinity there is no judgment at all. It doesn’t judge that this is positive and that is negative.

So good thought or bad thought, everything has to be released.

Only when you do so, then only you will find what real happiness is. That is Sat Chit Ananda Roopini (goddess of ever-green-joy).

However, even to feel the Sat Chit Anandam (ever-green-joy), one should have the grace of that energy.

Unless we have the grace of the divine, we cannot do any action and move forward in life. At the same time unless we take the action, divine grace will not come. Both are dependent on each other.

We are not doing anything new

There is nothing like past. Analyze your life now. Analyze your emotions and relationships now.

This is what you did in the previous Janma. If you do analyze and release the present situation, that means you are also handling the karma efficiently.

We are not doing anything new. Whatever we have done so far is the continuation of the previous life(s).

Then how to deviate or overlook the karma?

When you start thinking differently about a particular issue then your past life karma will not have any effect on you, because you are going on a different path.

Thinking differently and behaving differently in a situation is very important.

If somebody is having a contrary opinion to you, our normal nature is to resist it or have a judgment about that person. Then how to go about it differently?

It means, “Yes that person is telling his views. I have my own views. I appreciate his views and let him have his views and let me not try to change it either”.

In that manner, you mend your ways and deviate from the past. For each and every behavior, find out how you behaved in the past and deviate from that. Then you are not re-living your past.

Only when you are not reliving your past then only you can create a new future.

That is another subject called as ‘Past-Life Healing’.

Purpose of Meditation


When we meditate we are supposed to control our anger. That is the purpose of meditation.

But, even then the anger comes. Does it mean that we are not doing the meditation properly?


Meditation is nothing but a state of mind.

What is the meaning of meditation?

Meditate means – cultivate. When you sit for meditation we have to cultivate the qualities of the soul or the qualities of the Spirit. That is why it is called the Spiritual Quality.

It is the mind that meditates. However, the habit of the mind is to always to cling to something. Clinginess or clinging to a particular thought, anger or any emotion is the work of the mind. You have to go beyond the mind.

It is not possible for us to do the mediation without being disturbed.

How to channel your anger?

Then what is method by which we can channelize our anger?

No emotion can be controlled, because if you try to control an emotion then it will bounce back at a later date when you do not want it.

Controlling is different. Channelizing the emotion is different. Both are not possible by the mind.

So, whatever the thought that comes to the mind, simply say, “I release this thought”.

That is the way you can handle the mind or the thoughts of the mind. We always think that we are the mind. But the mind is the tool for the soul inside (us). For the soul to do the observation, the mind is given as its tool. The senses are its gateways.

How does mind operates then?

That means what is the mentality of the mind? It always sees everything outside. We have been tuned to see everything outside through our senses, for the last so many years. Not only we do that, our parents did that, and our ancestors did that.

That means looking outside and judging the events or assimilating them and passing your own comments about the events by seeing outside, is inscribed inside your gene.

Managing thoughts that are out of control

You cannot do without the thought because the thought comes out of mind, without your control.

The only way to handle the flow of thought is we have to disassociate ourselves from the mind saying, “Can I release this thought? Yes, this is only a thought”.  Then say, “I release this thought”.

When you counteract the mind by putting a question, the mind stops thinking. That is how you should do it, which comes only by practice.

Even if you practice for one day and you are successful in eliminating or releasing all the thoughts, the second day you may fail.

Again we have to try because when the child learns to walk, it falls so many times for so many days. And still it gets up and tries to walk.

Similarly, this is a new learning for us and new subject for us. Therefore every day we may succeed. And if we fail, we have to get up and try again.

Only by subduing the mind by putting counteractive questions, the mind can be silenced. 

Learn to manage your fears

List out the fears

Think about your unnecessary fears and worries (over which you cannot do anything).

You list out all those fears.

Release them one by one.

Why fear should not be there?

Then fear will not allow you to love yourself.

How that fears can be removed?

You have to address one fear at a time and say:


Meaning of the Switch Word Fiber

“FIND DIVINE FIBRE” means regain the courage in me or regain the trust in me.

When you get fear chant this, “FIND DIVINE FIBER”.

Switch Word Fiber creates a movement, while fear will stop it. 

How to prioritize what you want from life?


My husband has taken a home loan. He has already paid a lot. How to pay the loan soon?

I want to get a good permanent job?

I also want to recover from my Mother Tongue Influence (MTI)?

I am sorry for asking more.


Prioritize your wants.

How to prioritize your wants – an exercise

We are going to do a NLP technique here.

So you have six wishes including to what Pampi has. They are:  Permanent Job, Learn English, Pay back the loan, Giving birth to a Child, Buy a new Car and Take a European tour.

Imagine god is in front of you and you tell him your immediate wants.

He asks you, “I can grant you only five wishes. Which one of yours, you can afford to let go?”

You say, “I can say no to the European Tour”.

Label no: 6 for the European tour.

God asks you once again, “Sorry! I am going back on my word. I can fulfill only four of your wishes. Tell me which one you would like to let go?”

You say, “I am not happy about your going back on your word. For now I can live with my accent”.

So label no: 5 for Learning English.

God is opening his mouth once again. Before he asks you the question, you answer him, “I will let go buying a new car. I will manage with my current one”.

Label buying a new car as no: 4.

Then you reluctantly agree to let go for getting a permanent job. The new person (child) in the family will need more attention. So label getting a permanent job as no: 3.

Anyway, you had been paying the loan for last 5 years. And it will need at least three more years. So before god asked you, you were ready to say no to loan. Label it as no: 2.

So now having birth to new child has been labeled as priority no: 1.

The new list based on priority becomes:

  1. Give birth to a Child
  2. Pay back the loan
  3. Permanent Job
  4. Buy a new Car
  5. Learn English
  6. Take a European tour

God says, “Now, work towards priority no: 1. I will grant that wish to you. Once you get it, by then may be your wish number two or three would have been fulfilled too. Immediately after getting them, start working towards other wishes. You will be sure to get them”.

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