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Naran S Balakumar

  1. Respected Sir,
    How to make my daughter to accept a very good marriage alliance for her as she is not accepting that alliance by giving silly reasons.

  2. Respected Sir,

    I am getting Business Query on recruitment (I am in to Management Consulting) but not getting materialized. I feel i am overloaded and getting stuck. Kindly help me with switchwords or Mantras

  3. Respected sir,
    Please tell me the meaning of satyam shivam sundaram which I am chanting for my mother health from liver cyrosis on your guideness so that it will be useful while chanting by knowing its meaning as chanting with out knowing themeaning which isnot showing benefit right now.

  4. Rv
    chant without trying to know the meaning. if your mind is on the meaning, chanting will not work.

  5. Hello Naranji,

    My manager has assigned me very critical project. Kindly suggest me switchword, to complete this this project without any issues on time. Thanks in advance.

  6. naranji I like to bee friendly with my relatives and close cousins ,i talk to them very nicely,but they behave very reserved with me,and they hate me why is this happening.If they come to my house i give offer them lunch and i talk to them very sweety,in front of me they talk and later they critisize me.

  7. Hi Naran,

    I need your help. My father always talk with me rudely and never let me do what I want. He always impose his decision on me forcefully with his anger. In turn this make me also angry and our verbal communication gets louder. I never get credit or never get appreciated from my father for anything good I do. I need your help so solve this issue.

  8. Hi naranji,

    My brother has just completed B.Tech. He never listen to anyone including my parents. he even dont go out with his friends. For small and silly things also he fights with us. for some reason he was not talking with my mother from 1 year. If we discuss anything about his future he just tells that he knows every thing and tells that dont discuss about this. if he fought with us he wont have food and he cooks himself and he wont talk with us. he have backlogs and now he is staying in home. He wont go out also. I am afraid of his future. Please help me

    Thanks In advance

  9. Dear sir ,
    Please tell me a switch word so that I can concentrate on my studies and get FULL MARKS in all exams . I am the school topper but now a days, I am bit worried since my 10th board exam is near.

  10. Hi Naran,

    I wanted suggestion on how to restore peace and love in my relationship with my guy.
    We broke off an year back but, kept meeting up feeling the same love again.

    Lately he talks less,shows less interest towards me. We have had a wonderful relation the level of connectivity passion and love was great.

    I have affirmed before to attract him but, he comes and goes. Please direct me on how should i let insecurities and worries pass away and pure love to bloom between us..

  11. sir.. i shared my problem with you before.. but before you could help my everything’s finished. i love a muslim boy and married him. my family doesn’t know about this marriage because if my father comes to know he’ll just kill him! they got me married somewhere else.but this is illegal. i want to go back to my husband. he also loves me a lot. but he is helpless before my father’s power. i want to get rid of this illegal unwanted relationship that my parents forced me into and go back to my love, my husband as soon as possible.. his parents are also trying to fix his marriage else where. but this is injustice. sir, plz help me urgently. i want to get united with my husband.. plz plz plz do something for me..

  12. hello sir
    i have joined my job 1 month back . i am facing some difficulties . i have made small mistakes due to which my seniors are angry with me . They do not consider me part of their group (have not accepted me fully). i want that i do my job with full confidence and 100 percent correctly .I want that my seniors and my boss becomes happy with me and they praise me for my work and also i become permanent in this company (as i am a contractor now ). Please suggest some switch words for the same .

  13. Dear Guru,


    I want to share all the miracle happened in my life.

    i was living in a rent house around 56 months with plenty of problems. wrote to you and you suggested me to chant cerato mimulus find divine new house now done. after that also i was not able to vaccate. but i was chanting continuously with a faith. it started working last year.

    we decided to purchase a brand new apartment. got loan sanctioned and everything went smoothly and now i am in my own house happily that too opposite to my old house i.e in the same street.

    thanks a lot to you.

    now i am having one more problem.

    delay in child birth. doctor has suggested embryo transfer in the month of may or june.

    please suggest remedies so that i get donated egg and semen of good couples resulting in getting pregnant and giving birth to good and healthy child.

    your switch words worked for me in the matters of house problems and solved permanently.

    likewise, this remedy should also solve my progeny problem and get a good solution.

    iam already 36. hence getting afraid.

    expecting good reply from you.


  14. Dear Sir,

    I thank u very much. I got promoted in my bank exam. I got my results yesterday. I chanted slow care reach on , i asked to wold daily, and chanted waterviolet rockwater larch gentian wildrose , chanted ambika mantra daily and i did circle method and i wrote gentian honeysuckle together divine daily 21 times as advised by you. Iam verymuch thankfull to you and your blessings.



  15. Dear Guruji, I am copy-pasting my problem and your reply after 7 months.

    Dear Guruji,

    I am posting about my problem again:

    1. I have multiple sclerosis for which I started your remedies 15 days ago. So far, no results.

    2. I have severe money problems. I have a low-paid job and online businesses that I try, fail.

    Can any switchword or animal spirit help me definitely with my severe money and health problems?

    Thanks and regards,

    Naran (7 MONTHS)


    I am not seeing much results. Is there any other remedy? Can I send you an email from my personal id explaining all my problems for a better resolution?

    Thanks & regards,

  16. hi sir my name is srila and i would like to tell you my husband says he loves me but wont listen to my words always listens to his parents and brother. He would act according to what these 3 people say,even for single thing. Please suggest me some switch words so that my husband listens to my words. We need to start family and my husband is not thinking about the same

  17. Respected sir, i was working in a school as a teacher but my husband is so adamant insending me to the job. But i wish to continue the job.the place i work is near to my house. But my salary is low. To change my husband mind and to reduce the stress in my work and continue the job Pls suggest some remedies sir.

  18. Sir
    Pls advise since years me n my husband are trying to settle down. Things happen but within 4-5 years they decline n we are back to square one it’s been 25 years of struggle till now .at present also he is working on Big projects but they are getting delayed in coming thru.
    Finance is a big big issue. We are leaving by everyday as it comes. We have loans to pay back too n kids educations are also there

    Pls pls help n guide. I’m very keen to learn switch words from you as they give you lot of motivation. Pls help where I can learn in Delhi

  19. Hi Sir,
    I’m trying for job since 9 months but not getting through can you please suggest mantra
    to get as soon as possible

  20. Sweta Suraj Sarda

    Respected Sir,

    Give me some remedy in order to repay a loan of Rs. 5,00,000/ which we had borrowed from close relative, as soon as possible.

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