Learn to manage your fears

List out the fears

Think about your unnecessary fears and worries (over which you cannot do anything).

You list out all those fears.

Release them one by one.

Why fear should not be there?

Then fear will not allow you to love yourself.

How that fears can be removed?

You have to address one fear at a time and say:


Meaning of the Switch Word Fiber

“FIND DIVINE FIBRE” means regain the courage in me or regain the trust in me.

When you get fear chant this, “FIND DIVINE FIBER”.

Switch Word Fiber creates a movement, while fear will stop it. 

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. I have this fear within me that people will shout at me or im going to have a quarrel with my batchmates or classmates and in that quarrel they will shout at me. I also fear that i will not be able to answer them back properly and i will be supressed and i bother about what other people will think of me.I feel that my batchmates are very much street smart and i feel supressed.
    is ther any switchwords or ec.And how can i incease my vibrations.

  2. My daughter has fear of strangers and also to go out.Ur suggestions pls sir.she is 2yrs old

  3. Hello Sir,
    I don’t know from where to begin, while google surfing i came across to your blog.
    I don’t even know whether it will reach to you or not or even if u read it my problems will be answered or not.

    I’am an Advocate did my master in law. Whenever I join any law offices I always lose my job within a three to four months. This happened to me four times. I could not share this with anyone. I have turned 33 still unemployed.

    I am giving UGC NET exams but never succeeds in. I have applied number of times but could not able to qualify the exam.
    Then thought of doing phd in law so that i can pursue my career in teaching. but then again I’m not able to clear exams.

    I have always had in my mind something better and great is coming on my way, never lost my hope. But it’s high time for me now still dependent on my old parents, my families. unemployment kills me within everyday.

    I want to be stable in my job, I want to be financially stable I want to see growth in my career.
    I want my exams to be cleared, my hardwork to be answered.

    I’m losing all hope from life now. stopped meeting everyone. feels so ashamed to tell anyone. I’m lacking behind in my career today.

    Please shower your blessing Sir, guide me, kindly give some remedy to overcome from this failure.

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