One door closes Another door opens


I and my boy-friend broke up last year though we love each other even now.

It all happened because of his friends as they cropped up misunderstandings between us. And he isn’t able to see that.

And I know he doesn’t have that much of courage to tell me that he still loves me. I really want to get back together with him.


Leave him!!!


Then please suggest me something so that I forget him easily as I am trying to get over him. But, as we work at the same place, it’s really difficult for me to see him every time everywhere around me and that turns me off.

And I am full of sad feelings.

Or tell me how I can get my real soul mate.


I could understand your pangs of love.

Only for your highest good I suggested that.

I honestly feel that you should lead a happy life.

Can everybody be happy?

One has to learn to be happy in spite of events.

When we want something intently, and when we resist what is happening then what we get is pain. Though we want pleasure, our resistance to any event and our incomplete understanding of the divine order, gives us pain only.

Just observe what is going on in the mind.

  • As and when any thought come, just say, “Why not I release this? Yes, I let go of this thought?”
  • Release everything – every feeling, every thought – that prevents you to forget him.
  • If any thought or feeling does not get released, find out the desire behind this feeling or thought. If there is a desire to possess him release that desire.
  • If there is a desire to change him or the event release that desire too.

Do the releasing techniques as given above.

Other steps

If you can buy Bach flower remedies from your local homeopathy shop then buy:

  • CHICORY (to overcome the love pangs)
  • WALNUT (to release resistance and break away )
  • WILLOW (to overcome resentment and anger towards friends)
  • HORNBEAM (to move on)

Take those flower remedies by putting 6 pills of each in a bottle of water and keep on sipping that water from morning to evening.

Do this sipping for 15 days.

Put the pills once every day.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. sir,

    I need a clarification.

    When do you suggest to do the following:

    1) Put the pill in water and sip in a particular time break. When is the situation that we need to give this kind of therapy.

    2) Take pills directly…


  2. Sir,
    For TINNITUS, you suggested the following:
    1) HEATHER

    Add 2pils of each to a glass of water and sip every 2 hrs. Could you pls give me an explanation of the same.

    • The bussing sound is continuous. The person who has this wants to come out of this constant continuous sound. Whitechestnut is given for this.
      Heather person will not listen to anybody. people who develop this problems have missed a message or talking without allowing the other person to talk.
      Rescue Remedy for any situation, which is either unbearable or annoying.

  3. Naran sir
    We have applied for a plot to make home but number of plots is less than the applications received so there will be a draw for allotment of plots.please suggest me mantra for chanting to enable us to get a divine plot of our choice.

  4. sherry,
    write 520 in a paper

  5. hi sir. I get dreams in nights, very incoherent,some times like a whole movie and i am part of it.early morin i remember the whole of it but next day i dont remember anythin . In some days wen any confusion or disturbin event has occurd means i get soo many dreams tat it will be lik i didn sleep the whole night. Is tis refer to any particular mind state or a common phenomenon.

  6. sathya,
    everybody dreams

  7. Naran Ji
    I want to chant for my son so that he can find a commercial place to purchase within his resource at main road.

  8. Dear Naran,

    From your perspective what is a dream?

  9. Dear Naran,

    I am noticing that the lack of consideration and care I receive in life is somehow related to the lack of consideration and care I give to others. Particularity in the office. How might I rectify this situation and be a better friend and employee and receive love also!

    Thank you as always for your assistance!

  10. grace,
    when you find tha you are lacking a particular trait,think of ways and means to develop that.
    place right hand on your solar plexus and left on the heart chakra in the night, while in the bed and chant OPEN TO THE LOVE BEAUTY GRACE OF THE DIVINE as many times as possible till you sleep


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